About Job Point PNG

Hey! I’m Moses 

Allow me to share my experience with you for a minute and why I established Job Point PNG.

I’ve always dreamt of being successful, wanted to make something out of my life and to help people who are struggling to find their place in life.

After dropping out of university, I struggled to find my place in life…

Finding a decent job was a huge challenge for me as I wasn’t good at writing cover letters, preparing a resume or CV and preparing and sitting for job interview but most of all I felt insecured.

Although I applied for several entry level jobs at large organizations such as commercial banks and government departments I still could not land even a single job interview.

One thing I loved though, was reading which was kind of a welcome escape for me from the struggles I was going through.

Through my love for reading I taught myself how to search for a job, learnt how to write effective cover letters, prepare a resume and learnt how to prepare for and sit for a job interview.

Now I have 10+ years of recruiting and training experience without a bachelor’s degree and still learning how to find my place in life.

Not only did I establish Job Point PNG  as a job marketplace for employers to advertise jobs and for candidates to apply for jobs but as a venue through which I can be able to assist people to land their dream job, career or simply to learn how to become successful in whatever path they choose to follow.

I see Job Point PNG as a journey from which to learn, inspire and motivate others to find their place in life.

Come take this journey with me!